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  • Beverley

    HR Director

    ​We have been consistently pleased with the level of professionalism and support offered by Platform Recruitment. They demonstrate a good understanding of our business and provide the type of high quality candidates that work well in our specialist environment. They manage expectations and do not over commit to us or the candidate.

  • Debbie

    HR Manager

    ​Platform have never failed to provide high calibre candidates which is key to any business’ resource/workforce plan. Having worked with them for a number of years, I would not hesitate in recommending them; Platform are a first class, professional and efficient recruitment agency.

  • Jags

    Principal Electronics Engineer

    ​Platform helped me with my career progression twice over the last 10 years. They've been very diligent in identifying which of my skills actually match the job and the company as well as negotiating competitive salary and benefits packages.

  • Peter

    Embedded Software Engineer

    ​After trying for almost a year to find my first developer role, Jac from Platform Recruitment was the one who found me a job. He offered a level of service and professionalism that I had not experienced from recruiters before; his levels of communication were amazing and he regularly checked in with me to give me updates. He was also a joy to deal with and easy to speak to, and was genuinely interested in talking to me. I highly recommend Platform Recruitment based on this experience!

  • Anthony

    Principal Embedded Software Engineer

    ​My experience of working with Platform Recruitment to seek out a role has been one of delight. Chetan was very good at determining & matching up a set of requirements from both a client and candidate perspective.He was also able to apply a real depth of knowledge and transparency as part of his overall approach. A tremendous service.

  • Vis

    Technical Author

    ​Very good experience, a simple, smooth and transparent recruitment process where they will help throughout until we complete whole procedure and provide feedback within a day or two for every round (I had three rounds of interview and all the rounds were very interesting, interactive, friendly, informative, etc.). Fortunately I found Platform Recruitment team, especially Myles Maxwell in achieving my dream job, I appreciate your efforts throughout the process. Myles, you have been very helpful and without you it could have been difficult for me. Thank you once again, I can't thank you enough for your help and efforts. I wish you and your team all the best for all your future endeavours and help more job seekers like me to achieve the best.

  • Tigran

    Project Manager

    ​Definitely the best agency that I met until now. I dealt with Mathilda Stratemeier and I can say that she is acting with so much professionalism, she is trustworthy and supportive. She is the best. She found for me exactly what I was looking for. I definitely recommend this agency and I definitely recommend Mathilda Stratemeier.

  • Hesham

    Mechanical Engineer

    ​I cannot thank Zirak Pajnigar enough for his kind help and support during my recruitment process. He was very friendly and professional throughout. There was no delay in securing an interview, and he ensured that I was well prepared. I highly recommend dealing with Platform and, in particular, Zirak.

  • Richard

    Senior Project Manager

    ​The match was not immediately obvious to me based on job descriptions etc, but Platform saw through the written descriptions and identified a match based on culture and style as well as technology. In the end I went from telephone interview to signed contract in less than one week, looked over and guided by Platform. It was a refreshing experience to find a recruiter who took the time to understand the detail of both employer and employee. Thanks again.

  • Ivan

    Principal C++ Software Engineer

    ​Platform took the time to understand my reasons for looking for a new job and quickly matched me with some interesting opportunities. I hadn't intended to look for a new role for a few months but the position they found me was too good to walk away from!

  • Sarah

    Embedded Software Engineer

    ​My experience with Platform was very straightforward and resulted in a positive outcome. It's fair to say that I was looking for something a bit out of the ordinary in terms of flexibility and fitting a new job around my family. You made the effort to find out about me and the kind of role I was hoping to find and then you followed that up with some research into opportunities and an interview with the company where I am now happily settled!

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