Promoting from Within vs Hiring Externally


Promoting from Within vs Hiring Externally

Posted on 06 April 2023

​One of the biggest challenges for organizations is to decide whether to promote from within or hire externally for management and individual roles. While both options have their advantages and disadvantages, it's essential to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

Promoting from within:

Promoting from within the company can be a great way to reward and retain talented employees, while also increasing morale and motivation among staff.


    • Demonstrates commitment to employee development and career advancement opportunities.

    • Can lead to increased employee loyalty and morale.

    • Existing employees have a better understanding of the company culture and processes.

    • Shorter ramp-up time, as the promoted employee already knows the business and may require less training.


    • Limits the pool of potential candidates.

    • May create resentment among employees who were not promoted.

    • May result in advancing individuals who lack a fresh perspective and new ideas.

Hiring externally:

Hiring externally can be an effective way to bring in new talent and skills, as well as increase diversity in the workplace.


    • Increases diversity of thought and experiences.

    • Brings in fresh perspectives and new ideas.

    • Expands the pool of potential candidates.

    • Can create a competitive environment that drives existing employees to improve.


    • Can be expensive in terms of time and resources required to recruit and onboard a new employee.

    • The new employee may require significant time to ramp up and understand the company culture and processes.

    • Existing employees may feel overlooked, leading to lower morale.

Combining both approaches:

A combination of promoting from within and hiring externally can help companies strike a balance between retaining top talent and bringing in new perspectives and skills.


    • Allows organizations to balance the benefits of both approaches.

    • Ensures a diverse and well-rounded workforce.

    • Provides a clear path for employee career advancement while bringing in fresh perspectives and new talent.


    • Requires careful planning and management.

    • Can be challenging to implement effectively, especially in large organizations.

In conclusion, choosing between promoting from within or hiring externally is a difficult decision. However, combining both approaches can provide the best of both worlds, ensuring a diverse and well-rounded workforce while providing opportunities for employee career advancement. Organizations should evaluate their specific needs and goals to determine the most appropriate approach for their hiring and management needs.
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