Boosting Your Employer Brand with Employee-Generated Content


Boosting Your Employer Brand with Employee-Generated Content

Posted on 28 June 2024

​You're probably already aware that having a strong employer brand is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent. However, you might not know how Employee-Generated Content (EGC) can enhance your employer brand. This type of content, created by employees, offers an authentic glimpse into the company's culture, values, and work environment.

Here's what EGC is and how it can significantly benefit your business's employer brand.

Understanding Employee-Generated Content

Employee-Generated Content (EGC) refers to content produced by employees. This content showcases their experiences, insights, and perspectives about their workplace. EGC can take many forms, including blog posts, social media updates, and testimonials. Unlike traditional marketing content, EGC is inherently authentic and personal, providing a genuine look at the company from the inside.

The Importance of a Strong Employer Brand

Before considering the benefits of EGC, it's essential to understand why a strong employer brand matters. Your employer brand is the reputation and perception of your company as an employer. It influences how potential employees view your organisation and plays a critical role in talent acquisition and retention. A strong employer brand:

  • Attracts top talent

  • Reduces hiring costs

  • Enhances employee engagement and retention

  • Differentiates your company from competitors

Benefits of Employee-Generated Content for Your Employer Brand

1. Authentic Representation

EGC provides a genuine and transparent look at what it's like to work at your company. When employees share their real experiences and stories, it builds trust with potential hires who are looking for an honest depiction of the workplace.

2. Increased Engagement

EGC boosts employee engagement by involving them in the brand-building process. When employees are encouraged to create and share content, they feel valued and heard. This sense of ownership and pride in their contributions can enhance their overall engagement and job satisfaction.

3. Showcasing Company Culture

One of the most powerful aspects of EGC is its ability to showcase your company culture. Whether it’s a video of a team-building event, a blog post about a day in the life at the office, or social media updates highlighting company values, EGC brings your culture to life. Potential employees can see firsthand what makes your company unique and why they might want to join your team.

4. Diverse Perspectives

EGC provides a platform for diverse voices within your organisation. Employees from different departments, backgrounds, and roles can share their unique perspectives, enriching the narrative of your employer brand. This diversity not only appeals to a broader audience but also demonstrates your commitment to an inclusive workplace.

5. Cost-Effective Branding

Traditional employer branding initiatives can be costly. EGC leverages the talent and resources already within your organisation, making it a cost-effective way to enhance your employer brand. Employees can create content during their regular work activities, reducing the need for extensive marketing budgets.

6. Amplified Reach

When employees share content on their personal social media networks, it significantly amplifies your reach. Their friends, family, and professional connections are more likely to trust and engage with content shared by someone they know personally. This organic reach can attract a wider and more diverse pool of potential candidates.

7. Strengthened Employee Advocacy

Encouraging employees to create content fosters a sense of advocacy. Employees who actively participate in EGC become ambassadors for your brand, promoting your company culture and values to their networks. This advocacy is invaluable in building a positive employer brand that resonates both inside and outside the organisation.

Implementing an Effective EGC Strategy

1. Foster a Supportive Environment

Create an environment where employees feel comfortable and encouraged to share their stories. This involves building a culture of openness and trust, where employees know their contributions are valued and appreciated.

2. Provide Clear Guidelines

To ensure consistency and alignment with your brand values, provide clear guidelines for creating and sharing EGC. Offer training and resources to help employees understand what type of content is beneficial and how to create it effectively.

3. Recognise and Reward Contributions

Recognise and reward employees who contribute high-quality content. Public acknowledgment, awards, or even incentives can motivate employees to participate actively and consistently.

4. Use Multiple Platforms

Share EGC across various platforms to maximise its impact. Use your company blog, social media channels, internal newsletters, and even recruitment pages to distribute the content widely.

5. Measure and Optimise: Regularly measure the performance of your EGC initiatives. Use analytics to track engagement, shares, and other relevant metrics. This data will help you understand what works best and allow you to refine your strategy over time.

Employee-Generated Content is a powerful tool for enhancing your employer brand. By showcasing authentic employee experiences and insights, you can build trust, increase engagement, and attract top talent.

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