Face-to-Face Meetings Aren’t Going Anywhere: Here’s Why


Face-to-Face Meetings Aren’t Going Anywhere: Here’s Why

Posted on 30 August 2023

​In an age of Zoom meetings, instant messaging and virtual events, it’s only natural that face-to-face meetings have started taking a backseat. While the digital era has brought a level of convenience and efficiency to our lives and the way we work, it’s imperative that we remind ourselves of the benefits of face-to-face communication.

Here’s how conducting in-person meetings can strengthen your working relationships and bring your organisation increased success.

Building a rapport

Hosting face-to-face meetings with clients and customers proves that you are dedicated to working with them and want to listen and build a relationship with them. The personal connection formed during in-person meetings lays the foundation for smoother collaboration and increased productivity. If you’re starting to work with a new client you haven’t met in person, consider meeting them in person over coffee so they have the opportunity to get to know you better. This will only strengthen the rapport you’ve been building with them.

Engaging in the right kind of small talk

Small talk is often something that people like to avoid. However, by taking the time to ask someone how their day is going or what they’re getting up to at the weekend can show them that you’re interested in building a rapport with them. By engaging in these conversations, you’re able to find common interests with your colleagues and strengthen your working relationships. This is something that’s hard to replicate in digital meetings.

Interpreting body language

Face-to-face meetings allow us to convey our thoughts and ideas by using more than just our voice or a keyboard. Nonverbal cues like facial expressions, hand gestures and tone of voice contribute to our understanding and interpretation of what someone is telling us. These cues and micro behaviours often get lost in virtual communication, which can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication. When you’re in the same room as someone, it’s easier to gauge how interested they are in the conversation and can give you an insight into how they’re feeling. By noticing and adapting to their reactions, you’re able to guide the conversation and make the most of your meeting. For example, if you’re in a meeting with a client who is constantly checking the time, you may choose to alter your tone of voice or change the topic to re-engage them.

Coming up with innovative ideas

When people meet in person, it’s easier for them to collaborate and share ideas. When you’re face-to-face with someone, it’s much easier to see when they stop talking. When you’re in a virtual meeting you may be held back by a slow internet connection and end up talking over each other. Meeting in person also gives colleagues the opportunity to illustrate their ideas physically to help their team better understand their vision. This can be done using a whiteboard or presentation, which both give the host of the meeting the chance to convey their ideas and their colleagues the opportunity to discuss those ideas and come up with strategic solutions to any problems.

Limiting technical issues

While technology usually makes jobs easier, there are still some drawbacks. Being able to hold a meeting without experiencing camera or audio difficulties, slow internet connections and other unpredictable technical problems can save time and limit frustration. By making in-person meetings a priority for important conversations, you’re ensuring that participants can clearly hear and see what is happening.

Staying focused

Hosting meetings virtually can make it difficult to keep someone’s full attention. When you’re on a video call, it’s very easy to become distracted by notifications and other tabs you might have open. In-person meetings encourage participants to stay focused and decrease the urge to try and multitask. For topics that require a colleague’s full and undivided attention, it’s best to schedule a face-to-face meeting.

While technology will continue to transform the way we work, the value of face-to-face meetings remains unparalleled. In-person interactions foster effective communication, build trust, and ignite collaboration in ways that digital meetings are unable to. As we navigate the evolving landscape of work and embrace technological advances, let's not underestimate the power of connecting on a human level.

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